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History of the club from Staré Město

The football club at Staré Město was founded in 1927 under the nae SK Staré Město. The were 4 football clubs in the 1930s which played in Staré Město; SK, Orel, Rudá hvězda (Red star) and Viktoria. In 1948 the club changed its name to Sokol Staré Město, and 5 years later the name was replaced with Jiskra Staré Město. 

Until 1978, when the club got promoted to higher division, it has only ever played in regional competitions. In 1993 the club let go of the name Jiskra and replaced it with SFK Staré Město. A year later after an affiliation of civic association and company Synot, who started to have influence of football in Staré Město, the clubs name was changed once more to FC Synot Staré Město. 

From early 1980s up until the promotion to 2nd tier league, FC Synot Staré Město was playing in the 3rd tier league, whether it was the II. ČNL (Czech National League) or MSFL (Moravian - Silesian Football League). Synot got promoted to 1st tier league in 2000, which allowed the merging of Synot with Slovácká Slavie Uherské Hradiště to happen.

History of the club from Uherské Hradiště

Football in Uherké Hradiště started to emerge to scene around 1894, however the first football club in the city was founded after the beggening of the new century under the name Český fotbalový klub Uherské Hradiště. 

After some years the club decided to change its name to AC Slovácká Slavia Uherské Hradiště which lasted until 1948, when the name of the club was replaced with SK Slovácká Slavia Uherské Hradiště and straight after to Sokol Slovácká Slavia Uherké Hradiště. It didn’t take too long until another change of the name  happened, this time it was TJ Spartak Hradišťan Uherské Hradiště. 

The club got promoted to 2nd tier league In 1961, where it managed to stay for 4 years, during which TJ Slovácká Slavia Uherské Hradiště was announced as the new name of the club. Following 28 years from the exception of 1981-1983, the club played in the 3rd tier league. In 1993 TJ Slovácká Slavia gave way to the joint-stock company FC TIC Slovácká Slavia Uherské Hradiště which was therefore established as the new name of the club. 

During next year the club from Uherské Hradiště secured a promotion to 2nd tier league and a year after a historic promotion to 1st tier league, as Slovácká Slavia won the II. ČNL. The first year was however a disaster as the club finished last and got relegated back to 2nd tier league. Due to financial problems of TIC company, the club decided to conclude the relationship with the company and look for a fresh start with company JOKO in 1995, which lead to another change of name, this time to FC JOKO Slovácká Slavia Uherské Hradiště. However, the financial stability of the club has not improved and had to go to divisional football. This lead to Slovácká Slavia playing without the sponsors name JOKO from 1997, which after lead to the merge with FC Synot Staré Město

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