Rules of operation


§ 1. General conditions

  1. These Visitor Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the “Visitor Regulations”) are issued in the form of a directive by 1.FC SLOVÁCKO, a.s., with its registered office at the Městský fotbalový stadion, Stonky 635, 686 01 Uherské Hradiště. The Visitor Regulations determine the basic binding rules of conduct for all visitors to the Municipal Football Stadium (hereinafter also referred to as the "Stadium") entering the Stadium premises and using the Stadium's facilities.
  2. 1.FC SLOVÁCKO, a.s. (hereinafter also "Lessee") is using the Městský fotbalový stadion on the basis of a lease agreement concluded with its owner, which is the city of Uherské Hradiště. Pursuant to Act No. 115/2001 Coll., on the support of sports, as amended, and an addendum to the above-mentioned lease agreement, 1.FC SLOVÁCKO, a.s. issues these Visitor Regulations.
  3. The purpose of the Visitor Regulations is, in particular, to ensure that the health and safety measures are followed at the Stadium and also to ensure, if possible, ideal conditions for the course of all events that will take place at the Stadium. The aim of the Visitor Regulations is also to ensure a pleasant sports and social experience at the Stadium. Everyone who enters any event held on the premises of the Stadium is obligated to follow the conditions and rules of these Visitor Regulations.

§ 2 Městský fotbalový stadion

  1. The Městský fotbalový stadion serves the public primarily to attend football matches and the company 1.FC SLOVÁCKO, a.s. decides on the manner of the stadiums use and application.
  2. The public may enter the premises of the Městský fotbalový stadion only with the consent of the Lessee, exclusively at the time specified in these Visiting Regulations or in exceptional cases by another decision of the Lessee, and only in accordance with the conditions set out in these Visiting Rules.
  3. These Visitor Regulations are also binding for all persons who will use the Municipal Football Stadium for their own events on the basis of a special contract concluded for a specific purpose with 1.FC SLOVÁCKO, a.s., as well as for guests of these persons or visitors to events by these persons. organized.
  4. In addition to the Lessee, the organizing or security service, or, within the scope of its legal authority the Police of the Czech Republic is also the subject authorized to supervise and respect these Visitor Regulations.

§ 3 Visiting the premises of the Městský fotbalový stadion

  1. Only people who have a valid ticket or other entitlement card, or people who can prove their authorization to stay in the Stadium, may otherwise reside on the premises of the Stadium. Every person within the premises of the Stadium is obliged, at the request of the organizing or security service, as well as the police, to prove their right to visit the Stadium with a valid ticket and/or ID card. Anyone who is unable to prove their right to stay will be removed from the premises of the Municipal Football Stadium. When leaving the Stadium, the ticket loses its validity; which also applies to holders of a permanent ticket regarding the right to enter on a specific playing day.
  2. The Stadium is always open to the public at least one hour before the start of the event until one hour after the end of the event, unless otherwise specified by the Lessee for organizational reasons.
  3. Visitors are obliged to occupy only the place indicated on the tickets for the event. Fans and supporters of the visiting team are obliged to stay only in the sector designated by the Lessee for supporters of the visiting team and are obliged to respect the organizational instructions of the organizing or security service, or members of the Police of the Czech Republic.
  4. For security reasons and to avert danger, visitors are obliged, at the instruction of the organizing and security service as well as the police, to occupy places other than those indicated on their tickets, possibly in another sector. The same applies to visitors who come after the start of the event.
  5. Visitors who are visibly under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances, as well as visitors who are endangering the safety of people and property located in the Stadium area, lose their right to visit the premises and may be taken out of this area by the organizing or security service, or members of the Czech Police at any time.

§ 4 Entering the Stadium

  1. Upon entering the premises of the Stadium, each visitor is obliged to show and, upon request, issue their ticket or other card entitling the visitor to stay in the Stadium premises for inspection by the organizing or security service.
  2. The organizing or security service, as well as the police, are entitled to search,(including by technical means) people who may pose a safety hazard to the event because of suspected previous consumption of alcohol or other addictive substances, caring or possessing of weapons or other dangerous objects or substances causing: fire hazard,. The inspection also applies to checked baggage and, if necessary, also includes an inspection of individual items brought in.
  3. It is forbidden to bring objects into the premises of the Stadium which could in any way endanger health and safety of people and property residing in the premises of the Stadium. The Organizing or Security Service, or in individual and exceptional cases the Lessee, is entitled to decide on the prohibition to bring such objects into the Stadium premises.
  4. People who cannot prove their right to visit, resp. entry into the premises of the Stadium, or people who pose a security risk in the sense of these Visitor Regulations, will not be allowed to enter the premises of the Stadium. The same applies to people who have been banned from entering an event in the Czech Republic due to their inappropriate behaviour at similar events. Rejected people are not entitled to a refund of the entrance fee.
  5. The Organizer has the right to require the visitor to legitimize himself when entering the stadium, while the visitor gives the Lessee consent by entering, so that he systematically uses the data obtained in this way in cases of violation of the Visitor Regulations.

§ 5 At the Stadium

  1. Every visitor of the Stadium is obliged to behave in the Stadium area ina way that does not endanger health and safety of other visitors and their property as well as the equipment of the Stadium and further restrict or harass other people before, during and after the event which is underway in the Stadium complex.
  2. Visitors are obliged to follow the regulations and instructions of the organizing or security service as well as the police, fire brigade, rescue services and announcers.
  3. During their stay at the Stadium, visitors are obliged to respect the generally binding rules of decency and good manners, i.e. above all decency and consideration, and are obliged to refrain from any manifestations of interpersonal, racial, religious or political intolerance. In case of violation or non-compliance with this rule, the visitor who is clearly committing the above-mentioned prohibited conduct may be immediately removed from the Stadium premises without prior warning.
  4. All entrances and exits as well as escape routes must be kept clear.

§ 6 Prohibitions

  1. Visitors to the Stadium are prohibited from bringing into the premises of the Municipal Football Stadium, in particular, the following objects or other objects of a similar nature or purpose:
    1.  racist, derogatory, vulgar or anti-moral propaganda material,
    2.  weapons of any kind,
    3.  sprays, corrosive, flammable and colouring substances or other containers with substances adversely affecting health,
    4.  bottles, cups, jugs, cans or other similar items, of brittle, exceptionally hard material,
    5. unassembled objects such as ladders, chairs, stools or boxes,
    6. fireworks / rockets, flares, smokestacks and other pyrotechnic articles, including appropriate launchers,
    7. poles for flags or banners,
    8. mechanically driven tools causing noise,
    9. alcoholic beverages or narcotics of any kind,
    10. animals
    11. laser pointers,
    12. suitcases, large bags, backpacks,
    13. cameras, camcorders and other devices for the purpose of professional recording of sound or images, except in situations where the Lessee gives his express consent.

In addition, visitors are prohibited from:

  1. to pronounce, distinguish or publicly express racist, derogatory, vulgar or morally contrary slogans or depictions,
  2. b) climb over for general use unforeseen buildings and equipment, in particular, fences, walls, playing field fences, barriers, lighting equipment, camera stands, trees, columns of any kind and roofs, as well as ascend or climb the above,
  3. enter areas that are not intended for visitors (eg playing area, indoor spaces, function rooms),
  4. throw objects or liquids of any kind on the playing area or in the areas for visitors,
  5. start a fire or fire pyrotechnics,
  6. destroy the facilities and equipment of the Stadium,
  7. without permission to sell tickets and any goods using the brand 1.FC SLOVÁCKO, a.s. or the Municipal Football Stadium,
  8. describe, affix or paint buildings, equipment or roads,
  9. to carry out his / her physical needs outside the toilets or to pollute the Stadium premises in another way, in particular by dumping rubbish,
  10. drive on roads and areas without special permission,
  11. to make audio or video recordings in any way, using modern technologies, both from the premises of the Municipal Football Stadium and from the course of the event,
  12. cover banners or advertising panels placed on the Stadium premises with flags or in any other way.
  13. Tenant of the Stadium. is entitled to demand compensation for damage caused as a result of prohibited conduct from anyone who violates the above prohibitions and restrictions, extradition of the thing by which the damage was caused or defective condition, as well as payment of a fine of at least CZK 1,000, up to a maximum the amount of CZK 50,000, depending on the severity of the consequences of the breach of established obligations and the harmful consequences caused in this connection. The Lessee of the Stadium is also entitled to prohibit anyone who violates the provisions of these Visitors Regulations from entering the Stadium premises for a definite period or, depending on the seriousness of the offense, for an indefinite period.

§ 7 Sales and advertising

Business activities, distribution or sale of newspapers, magazines, printed matter, advertising brochures as well as storage of items in the premises of the Stadium is permitted only with the written consent of 1.FC SLOVÁCKO, a.s..

§ 8 Organizer's rights / Supervision

The right to perform the function of the organizer has the authorized representative of 1.FC SLOVÁCKO, a.s. and at events also the organizing and security service as well as the police.

§ 9 Liability for damages

  1. Entry and use of the Stadium is carried out by each visitor at his own risk. 1.FC SLOVÁCKO, a.s. is liable for damage to the health or property of visitors only if it was caused by intentional or grossly negligent behaviour of its employees or people in a similar relationship of dependent activity.
  2. Accidents and damages caused in the Stadium area must be reported immediately to 1.FC SLOVÁCKO, a.s.

§ 10 Consequences of violation of the Visitor Regulations

  1. People who violate the provisions of the Visitors Regulations may be removed from the premises of the Stadium without compensation and be subject to a ban on entering the Stadium premises. The same applies for people who are under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances. If a criminal offense, misdemeanour or other wrongdoing is suspected, an appropriate notification may be made.
  2. The implementation of measures pursuant to paragraph 1 excludes the claims of the persons concerned (e.g. for the refund of the entrance fee) against 1.FC SLOVÁCKO, a.s. or the organizers of the event.
  3. The rights of the organizer remain unaffected.

§ 11 Effectiveness

These Visitor Rules are effective from 01.03.2015.