Bulgaria the first stop for Slovácko.

Slovácko will start its European Conference league journey in a 2nd qualification round, where their first opponent will be Bulgarian side Lokomotiv Plovdiv. The first fixture will be player on July 22nd in Plovdiv. The reverse fixture is then to be played a week after in Uherské Hradiště.

The draw of the Conference league through the eyes of Michal Kadlec:

“It’s a second team of Bulgarian league and possibly the toughest draw we could have got. On the other side it should be a very interesting comparison. Ludogorec is the top team in Bulgaria with Lokomotiv Plovdiv in second, so it’s definitely a quality side and it will be a tough test for us in the first game.” Says defender Michal Kadlec, who didn’t have a favourite from the teams that were in the draw.

“I didn’t really have a favourite I would like to play, but when I looked at the possible team we could have played, Plovdiv was the only one I didn’t want. When I think that we were one of the seeded teams, we got a very tough opponent. But the chances are very equal and it’ll depend on which team can get off to a better start” continues Kadlec, for who it’s going to not only be a first time in European Conference league but also against a Bulgarian side.

“I played in Bulgaria with a national team, but never on a club lever, so it’s gonna be my first.” Said Kadlec.