WU18: Juniors defeat Slavia and consolidate their lead in the table


Slovácko won the sixth round of the youth league against Slavia.

SK Slavia Praha - 1.FC Slovácko 0:4 (0:1)

Goals: Bláhová 2x, Nováková, Střížová

Line-up: Škrabalová - Jordánková, Ohlídalová, Obadalová, Ceremugová (86. Bartlová) - Bláhová (86. Chodurová), Jonášová, Tomečková - Střížová (83. Kozáčková), Nováková (65. Hanáčková), Korvasová (72. Trčková)

In the next round, the girls had another tough match, this time against Slavia from Prague. Both teams had the full number of points, so it was a direct fight for the 1st place in the table. The home players entered the match more actively, we were looking for the first 10 minutes on the field. However, Nováková had the first big chance, but her shot was blocked by the home goalkeeper. Nováková then threatened once more, after a short corner kick she hit only the side netting. Tomečková's shot was blocked by the attentive goalkeeper. The home players threatened only after long kicks from standard situations. We got a well-deserved goal in the middle of the half - Bláhová jumped highest on Korvasová's corner kick and sent us into the lead - 0:1. After that we more or less controlled the game except for one situation when we committed a small mistake in the midfield, the opponent started a fast break, luckily for us the offside was waved and the goal was not valid. The half ended with the closest difference.

In the second half, the home team was more active again, we often chose difficult and risky options in our play and we put the opponent under pressure. Paradoxically, when the opponent took the breath to attack, we struck for the second time, it must be said after a beautiful action , when the ball from Škrabalová went through both defenders, both stoppers to Střížová, she used her speed and passed the ball to the small whitewash Nováková and she made no mistake in the uncovered goal - 0:2. From that moment we calmed down, the girls played their game responsibly and patiently, the opponent did not create any bigger chances in the rest of the game, except for corner kicks and 2 penalty kicks around the whitewash. On the other hand, after a beautiful pass by Korvasova, Hanackova rushed to the goal herself, but did not shoot the goalkeeper. In the 76th, the girls had enough - Střížová got a millimetre pass to run behind the defence, put the goalkeeper down and headed into the open goal - 0:3! The goal account of the match was then closed with an exhibition shot by Bláhová, who chased away the spiders in the opponent's net - 0:4. By the end of the match we controlled the game and got another valuable 3 points.

Coach's evaluation

I have nothing but praise for the girls. Against a tough and tactically well prepared opponent, moreover in constant rain and on a difficult terrain, the girls played a very good match. Except for the entrances to both halves, when the opponent was a little more lively, we controlled the game, we practically did not let the opponent into a chance, but some of the glitches were dangerous. We patiently prepared our attacks and waited for some window in the opponent's defence. We helped ourselves significantly with a standard situation and got the lead, which was important. The turning point of the game was the 2-0 goal when the girls overcombined the whole field on 8 passes and we jumped out to a 2 goal lead, which boosted the girls' confidence and knocked the opponent down a bit. In the rest of the game we kept the result safe by playing responsibly in all positions and added 2 more beautiful goals as an extra! It was probably a harsh result for the home team because they put in a good performance and deserve praise, however, it is a game of chances and goals and we scored more of them and from this point of view the win is well deserved. Even more valuable is another clean sheet. Congratulations to the girls for their performance so far, not only today! Let's move on!

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