WU18: Interview with Sabina Střížová


Hi Sabča, you are currently a member of the junior girls' team. Could you tell us about your first football steps? Where did you start with football and who brought you to football?

Hello, I started football in the Brno club ČAFC Židenice. I was five years old and I got into football thanks to my older brother who played in the same club.

When did you first put on the jersey of 1. FC Slovácko? Do you remember your first match?

I'm not entirely sure, but I think it was for the younger pupils in an indoor tournament.

You definitely joined Slovácko a year and a half ago in the junior girls' category. Why did you choose Slovácko?

I wanted to devote myself fully to women's football and I knew that the quality of training and preparation in Slovácko was very good. I already knew a lot of my teammates, so there was nothing to worry about.

Last season in the spring you were at the top of the league table after the victory over Sparta, unfortunately the season was not finished. How did you and your girls survive this situation when you couldn't train, play and fight for the title?

The girls and I were very sorry at the beginning, but as time went on it motivated us to prepare for the new season 2020/2021, which I hope we will finish and have the opportunity to fight for the title.

In the new season you have managed to play 6 games so far, all of them victorious and the score 40:0!! What is the magic of the current team, which managed to clearly beat both Prague "S" - Sparta 3:0 and Slavia 4:0 and still did not get a single goal?

I think it's the team, we have a great team, which is complemented by new and younger girls. We didn't expect ourselves to ride such a winning wave and we are very happy for that. And it's also the motivation from the previous season that I've already talked about.

The season was unfortunately interrupted again...How hard is it to keep fit individually?

It's not that hard to get ready individually, but we definitely miss the preparation with the team like passing, game situations etc..

When the season starts again, how hard will it be to build on the previous performances?

It will be very hard to build on the previous performances and jump back into the season, but I think we can do it with the girls.

What are your goals for the rest of the season?


Do you have anything to say to our fans?

To the fans, thank you for your support so far and I hope to open the stadiums soon to hear you cheering again.

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