Interview with Nikola Fojtíková


Hi Niky, in the last league match in Liberec you played your first league match in the women's league. When did you find out you were joining?

Hello, the possibility was hinted to me on Thursday at training. It wasn't until Sunday at the start of the warm-up that I was told that I would actually play in the game.

You managed to win the game 5:1. Does it look like everything went according to your expectations?

Yes, we managed the match. The whole team played very well, the match was well played. It's a pity we didn't keep the zero, we got the goal in the last minute after our mistake. But the girls didn't let Liberec have any chances, so I personally didn't have much to do. I was mainly dealing with the midfield.

How did you personally enjoy your debut?

I enjoyed the game very much. I was happy to finally be able to start the game. I was nervous at the beginning, but from the opening whistle the nervousness dropped. I'm glad that my debut ended with a win and on an outdoor field where it was important to take home 3 points. I am looking forward to the next matches in the 1st league.

The goalkeeper has played a very important role in our game for a long time, she is often involved in the midfield. How close is this way of playing to you?

I've been trained to play this way since I was a schoolgirl. I like this way of playing. My teammates often involve me in the game, which suits me.

In the women's team, you form a goalkeeping duo with Barča Růžičková, who has a lot of experience from the national team. Do you try to get advice and inspiration from your more experienced teammate?

Yes, Bára and I have a good relationship. When she sees a mistake in me, she is not afraid to tell me and tries to help me. Bára is one of the best goalkeepers in the country, so I listen and observe her and try to take all the advice and experience from her. If I make a mistake, she can support me but also tell me what I did wrong. As Bára herself said, we treat each other as friends on the court, but also as competitors.

In the current season you have played 7 games so far - 5 wins and a 3rd place finish. Is the season going according to your expectations and set goals?

I think we can be satisfied with the points. We wanted to play better in the matches with Sparta and Slávia and get some points. In most of the other matches we did what we wanted. We went into the new season with the goal of getting 3rd place to play the LM preliminary round, which we have managed so far.

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