Women played Dukla to a draw



Goals: 14. Friedrichs

Line-up: Růžičková - Valášková (85. Pěčková), Ohlídalová, Jelínková, Friedrichs - Janíková ("C"), Krejčířová, Furiková (58. Holá) - Molková, Dubcová, Střížová

Originally, the 8th round was supposed to be played in mid-February, but due to the delay of the league restart it was postponed to this weekend. Our opponent at Julisce was home team Dukla Praha. Due to injuries or card penalties, 9 players could not start the match. So for the first time since the beginning of the competition 2 players of the juniors - Terezie Ohlídalová and Sabina Střížová got a chance to play in the line-up.

The beginning of the match belonged to Dukla - right from the first action a home player found herself alone in front of the goalkeeper, but she narrowly missed the goal, soon the home players had another great chance, which was saved by Růžičková. We closed the first hectic 10 minutes with a chance by Valášková, which ended on the bar. From that moment on we calmed the game down and with patient play we tried to find loopholes in the home team's block - right in the 14th minute Friedrichs got the ball in the penalty area and sent our team into the lead. For the rest of the half the game was the same, the home players waited for our mistakes in the midfield and relied on quick breaks, we tried to find gaps in the opponent's defense with patient play. Unfortunately, we were often hampered by technical errors in the pre-final and final stages. It is worth mentioning Dubcova's finish, which narrowly missed the home goal, and Střížová's shot, which the home goalkeeper stopped. The half ended 0:1.

We didn't catch the start of the second half. The opponent was more active, pushed to the end with simple play and we had problems and only with all our strength we resisted without scoring a goal. Then the game evened out, unfortunately we couldn't keep the ball on our kicks for a longer period of time and the game started to spill over from one side to the other. Our best opportunity, played by Střížová, who found herself alone in front of the small whitewash, was destroyed by the home goalkeeper. Unfortunately, the other side struck - the home team got to the centre with a quick action and the ball bounced behind the helpless Růžičková - 1:1. Since the goal was scored, any ease and patience disappeared from our game, it was more of an unsettled fight than football, we were mired in complicated and hasty solutions that lacked thought. On the other hand, the home players got new blood in their veins with the goal they scored. Both teams could have turned the score to their side especially in the end. First, after a 70-meter sprint, when Střížová made cones out of several home players, she presented the ball to Janíková on the small whitewash, who unfortunately shot high, soon Krejčířová hit the crossbar, the finish was defused by the home goalkeeper. Our last chance was directed by Jelínková only into the bar! These missed chances could have been unfortunate for us at the very end, because the home team had several corner kicks and subsequent rushes, we managed to block several shots and the last shot of the match went just outside our goal. The match ended with a division of points.

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