U15: Loss to Karvina


Slovácko U15 players lost in Karviná.

MFK Karviná - 1.FC Slovácko 3:1 (2:0)

Goals: 55. Barát

Line-up: Tereško - Vrána (60. Elzner), Meindlschmid, Odiase (48. Kremr), Hrbáček - Kolařík, Hrdlička, Prokeš - Dobrovolný (41. Dobrovolný), Lacko, Barát (77. Gabriel)

Coach Perůtka's assessment: we slept at the beginning of the game and then we tried to catch up. Even though we created a lot of opportunities to score more goals, we were not destined to succeed in the match.  A poor game with a below average performance. We need to get back to honesty and most importantly the right attitude to fulfilling our responsibilities.

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