U11 celebrates convincing win over Kroměříž


Slovácko won at home against Kroměříž.

1.FC Slovácko - HS Kroměříž 9:1 (2:1)

Goals: Pernica, Vaculík - Hrbáč, Vagdal, Fábry, Šuránek, Ruman, Vrána, Vaněk, Uhříček - Marek, Gerych, Vaněček, Vojáček, Ráček, Michalčík, Plevák, Zlatý

Goals: 10. and 29. Vaněk, 34., 41., 51. and 58. Michalčík, 39. and 47. Vojáček, 53. Ráček.

In the last match before another forced break, U11 welcomed the U11 team from Kroměříž in the KP of younger pupils. After the initial feeling around, the bag of chances on both sides was spilled and it was only a matter of time which team would score the first goal. This question was answered in the tenth minute by Patrik Vanek, who scored the opening goal of the match. After that the home team had more chances, but they couldn't take advantage of any of them. And so they struck on the other side when Štěpán Židlík made a beautiful finish. Just before half-time, however, the home team managed to score and adjusted the half-time score to 2:1. In the second half, the home team improved their finishing and mainly thanks to Tobiáš Michalčík, who scored 4 goals, they increased their lead. Matěj Vojáček also scored two goals and Marián Ráček was a new face in the home team's jersey. The guests left with a rather cruel result 9:1.

"We are glad that we managed to play at least one more match. In addition, it worked out for Kroměříž, who came with the same year and after the agreement we built one more field, on which the number of 4+1 was played. In the game we substituted one team in each half. Both gave a decent performance, except that the other team did better in the end. Hopefully, it was not the last game this year," said the coaching duo René Mikulica and Zdeněk Šturma.

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